Thursday, September 22, 2011

Short and Square

I gave up on the round tips, I just prefer square, I am glad I gave it a try and now I know.
OK, these pictures are pathetic. I couldn't get the color to photograph accurately. The color is Color Club Pucci licious. I prepped my nails with OPI Chip Skip, I will tell you what I think about it after I have tried it for a while. One layer of Gelous, two coats of Pucci licious, I might have been able to do one but I didn't feel like babying it. Top coat is the amazing Seche Vite. I am a sucker for purple creams. This color was the main reason I wanted the Poptastic Collection. So onto the (awful) pictures.

I know this one is blurry but it's closer than the other pictures. With flash in shade.

Without flash in shade, its exactly like this but not... lol

Imagine these pictures but not so blue and more neon, then you have Pucci licious. Just believe me its gorgeous if you can you should get it.
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  1. mine are gray with black crackle. i wish you got pic texts! see you Saturday!