Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Poll

1. How has your week been so far?
Great, we had my daughter's fourth Birthday party on Wednesday. Not to mention all the much needed rain we have been getting. My plants are loving it, we are loving the cool down.

2. Whatcha wearin on the nails?

Revlon Royal with a coat of Sally Hansen HD LCD on top.

3. What is your favorite store to shop for makeup at?
Just Walmart, Walgreens, or CVS. I am not too into makeup and stick to mascara and blush most days.
4. What’s your favorite store or drugstore to shop for other non-makeup supplies at?
CVS is my favorite store by far.
5. How has the weather been in your neck of the woods this week?
Wonderful! Cooled down by about 10 degrees and rainy. Just what we needed after the last month.
6. Have you had the chance to enjoy the pool/beach/river/lake yet this summer?
RIVER! Love the river and I have gotten a lot of chances to go so yay!
7. What are some of your favorite products to use in the summer time?
Sunscreen always!
8. When do you usually transition from using summer products to fall products?
Around my birthday in October.
9. What is your favorite color to wear on your nails in the summer?
Not specific colors just bright bright bright!
10. What is your favorite color to wear on your toes in the summer?
Same as nails, nice and bright!

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