Friday, August 12, 2011

Revlon Royal loves Sally Hansen HD LCD

 This manicure is a new favorite. Yesterday's crackle was a HUGE fail, but this totally made up for it. I am in love with the color of Revlon Royal, it's so bright and a jelly (didn't realize this at first)!

I started with good ol Gelous then two coats of Revlon Royal (which applied like a dream). I did have to clean it up a bit but that was more human error than the polish. Royal is my first Revlon and I'm not disappointed. It won't be my last Revlon for sure.
Next I did a coat of Sally Hansen HD LCD. This is one of my favorite top coats to use. It's incredibly sheer so you need about 3 or 4 layers on its own to make it opaque, but layered over anything makes it magical.
Topped this off with Poshe. Mine needs to be replaced this weekend (barely any left). Had a little dry piece flake off the mouth of the bottle on my middle finger which gave me a dent, but still barely noticeable. Another good thing about Poshe is it hasn't gotten gloppy like some people said it can. Never had to use any thinner in it.
Hope you like this one as much as me. 

                                                                      Outside sunlight

                         Sorry for the lobster hands I could barely get the pink to flash on camera but it is much mornoticeable  irl

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