Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sally Hansen Ink Splatter

For this manicure I still had Hard Candy Beetle on, but the tips shrank on me. I wasn't ready to take it off so I decided to try a new crackle I had. Sally Hansen Ink Splatter is a black crackle. 
I almost didn't post this mani but I wanted to show how pretty beetle looks under the black crackle. Ugh! This mani was a bummer. I really love the way Beetle looks under the crackle. It flashes a really pretty magenta purple. It reminds me of lava even though its not the same color as lava I think it must be the black crackle on top reminds me of dried lava. The crackle was incredibly difficult to work with. The brush was bent and wonky and horribly stiff. I couldn't get it to flow over my nail the way it needs to. With crackle you only get one chance! Needless to say you can see just how bad it turned out. They were topped off with a coat of Poshe.

                                        Purple and green flash. Also yucky messy lumpy MESS.

     I really think if I had used a regular top coat instead of the fast dry this would have turned out much better.
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